Small Business Translation Services

SEAWNY and the International Institute of Buffalo announce a new partnership to help small businesses in need of translation services.

There are a host of reasons why small businesses might require translation services:

  • Web site translation to enter a new market
  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Medical documents
  • Human resources materials including policy manuals
  • Non-English speaking immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs
  • Presentation materials
  • Surveys
  • Even e-mails and social media

The International Institute of Buffalo (IIB) offers professional translation services to small businesses to help support various needs. Providing translation into more than 90 languages (including rare languages), IIB is a resource to help small businesses not knowing where to turn, for a need that often comes up quickly. Revenue generated from these services are an important part of IIB's sustainability, allowing the organization to continue its good work in the Buffalo Niagara community despite periods of uncertainty from traditional governmental sources.

As part of this partnership, IIB has extended to SEAWNY members a 10% discount on their first new order for translation services. Participants in this program must to new to IIB's services.

For further information, or to start your translation services with IIB, fill out the form below.

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