History, Mission & Vision

Our Vision

The Small Enterprise Alliance of Western New York (SEAWNY), based on the nation's strongest and largest regional small business organization, the Council of Smaller Enterprises in Northeast Ohio (www.cose.org), will serve as the collective voice of small business in Western New York, and serve as the go-to network for the sharing of expertise, business-to-business interactions and resources to help small businesses succeed and grow.

Our Mission

SEAWNY brings small businesses from across Western New York together to create collaborative growth of both the sector and the individual businesses that make it up, leading to understanding, buy-in and support for the importance of small business to our regional economy.

Our Target Members

SEAWNY will focus on providing exceptional and unique services for companies in Western New York who identify themselves as small businesses, regardless of size or industry. We understand that there are many lessons to be learned, best practices to be emulated and business to be secured from businesses of all sizes, and encourage the small business community in Western New York to define itself more strongly through coalescing around this identity.

Relationship with COSE (Cleveland)

Organizers of SEAWNY have worked closely with representatives of the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) in Cleveland for two years to understand the intricacies of kicking off and running a small business organization. The leadership team at COSE in Cleveland has aspirations of taking its very successful small business model and replicating it in other markets. They have expressed great interest in working with our team to get started, and have offered a number of "plug-and-play" resources such as their "Expert Network" to help SEAWNY get up-and-running as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.