Small Business Cybersecurity Primer - "Assessing and Addressing the Threat"

Wed Jun 21st, 2017 - 12 to 1 pm
Why do hackers like small businesses? Because they usually don't have much protection in place. Take an hour with SEAWNY to learn how to make your business safe.

It seems you can't check the news anymore without seeing a story on another data breach. But it all seems so distant sometimes - attacks targeting major international corporations or foreign governments. The big guy. But small businesses are actually an incredibly vulnerable target. Why? Because they generally don't have the sophisticated security systems in place that larger organizations are able to afford. Are you safe? Join SEAWNY for a "lunch-and-learn" panel discussion on cybersecurity designed specifically for small businesses, featuring expert speakers offering guidance on implementing the right technology, having the right processes in place - and knowing what to do if you are attacked.

Expert Panelists: 

Reggie DeJean, Lawley
Darrick Kristich, Sedara Security
Bill Palisano, Lincoln Archives



Cost: $10 for Small Businesses (includes lunch)

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